Fun Fun Cave, a trip to the center of the earth

Fun Fun Cave, a trip to the center of the earth


Mon April 16, 2018

More than 28 kilometers of gallery and underground tunnels comprise the cave complex, it is the largest in the Dominican Republic


Located in the southern part of Los Haitises National Park, it houses an important record of rock formations of singular beauty and is home to numerous species.

The main body of Fun Fun is divided into 2 tunnels, of which the largest has a length of 8 linear kilometers. The total size of the Fun Fun system has not been completely explored, since they are cavities filled with the waters of the Almirante river, which according to cartographic measurements makes an underground journey of more than 7 kilometers.

In addition, Fun Fun is part of the cavities originated in the geographical formation of Los Haitises, a karst region whose mineral composition promotes the formation of cavities and one of the largest reservoirs of groundwater on the island.

The excursion to this destination has been prepared for lovers of extreme tourism, start with a ride through the Dominican countryside to reach the foot of Los Haitises. A climb up the mountain takes the visitor to a cave window, where you have to descend 18 meters using the rappel technique.

Once inside, 1.3 kilometers are traveled through large galleries where buildings of up to 4 stories high could fit. There, the beauty of the rock formations, the beauty of the minerals in the rock and the immensity of their galleries delight the visitor and transport him to another dimension.

The guides explain that the cave was formed 25 million years ago, when the island was still under the waters of the sea and claim that in its interior there are still remains of shells, corals and snails petrified in the rock.

You can also see some insects of arachnid type, bats and river shrimp that live in the interior. Insects lack eyes due to lack of light and have antennae that allow them to perceive surfaces and movement.

At the exit you can see some sculpted faces on the stone walls, petroglyphs that are attributed to indigenous populations that are believed to have inhabited the surrounding area.

"Fun Fun is the most complex cave formation in the area and our greatest attraction is that we have respected its nature by avoiding introducing elements inside" says Carmen Ligia Barceló, Commercial Manager.

It clarifies that only safety ropes have been placed in specific areas and each visitor carries the lights in their helmets or in their hands.

"Our family has been operating this tour for 22 years. We are committed to offering quality tourism, low density and direct contact with nature, "he says.

Tours to Fun Fun Cave are full day. They include breakfast, lunch, specialized clothing and safety equipment. They leave from Monday to Friday from the hotels in the East zone. From Santo Domingo, they have departures on the third weekend of each month. They also accept group bookings.

About the Cave
The Fun Fun Cave is a cave complex more than 28 kilometers long, located on a karstic or limestone hill of the southeast limit of the Los Haitises National Park in the province of Hato Mayor.
Its formation began more than 20 million years ago. Its rocks, limestone or calcareous type originated by the remains of marine coral shells and other organic beings, are composed of calcium carbonate and sodium. This composition allows the water to dissolve them and form the cavern, in a continuous process that takes millions of years.
The Almirante River travels 7 kilometers of the cave and the rise of its waters has shaped its magical underground tunnels and corridors. Drops of rainwater break through the rock to form stalactites, stalagmites, lava flows, chimneys and columns, creating underground landscapes of singular beauty.
The cavern is home to fish, shrimp, insects, bats and birds. Fish and shrimp lack pigmentation and vision due to lack of sunlight, and have a high sensitivity as a defense mechanism.



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