Horseback riding to Cueva Fun Fun

Many adventures in just one place: experience Fun Fun Cave

   What are you planning for your next adventure? It’s hard to decide if you want to go hiking or if you’d rather enjoy the local customs of a foreign country.        Maybe you’d like to find out more about a foreign land’s biodiversity or you’d prefer something more extreme… Why would you want to decide between all these activities when you could be part of a tour that has all of these for a great price?

Marvel yourself at Fun Fun Cave A wonderful cave tour: If you’d like to walk through one of the most surprising caves in the world and to discover the local wildlife of Dominican Republic’s Hato Mayor, we are sure you’ll love the Fun Fun Cave. Through more than a mile of a path, you’ll uncover the biggest cave complex in the Caribbean accompanied by a highly trained staff as well as the cave’s wildlife including some bats above your head and some river shrimps bellow your feet. You may also see some migratory birds in the outside of the cave during the winter.

A scenic trek: Before you get inside the cave, you’ll ride a horse for around 30 minutes which will not only bring out your inner nature-lover but also allow you to take in the superb Dominican countryside, until you reach the base of Los Haitises National Park. After that, prepare yourself to do some trekking and arrive to one of the cave windows, from which you’ll rappel to the bottom of the cave. Discover inside the outdoors and, when you come back outside, a refreshing beverage awaits you to ease you back to the world and get you ready for a second horse ride, where you will enjoy more of the Dominican landscape.

Hiking at Los Haitises National ParkA privileged location: When we say “Dominican landscape” we’re mostly talking about Los Haitises National Park. A landscape so pristinely beautiful, it was picked as a location for many of the scenes in Jurassic Park. Amongst hills and valleys, you’ll find a very rich and varied vegetation with cedars and different endemic species that are home to animals like hutias (a small nocturnal mammal rodent with a skinny and large body), solenodons, turtles, humpback whales, as well as more than 230 different bird species.

A unique and complete experience: What more can you crave than spending a whole day surrounded by nature and learning more about the local customs of Dominican Republic while you enjoy a countryside all your followers will envy? Tours to Cueva Fun Fun are available from Monday to Friday. Why don’t you write to us and book soon?



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