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Experience horseback rides, a hike in the woods, abseiling (rappelling), the secrets of an underground world and nature at its best, all in the Fun Fun Cave. Guaranteed fun and adventure await you!

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Descipción del Tour

Fun Fun Cave tour description

Begin your adventure with a 30-minute horseback ride, followed by a hike through the rainforest of Los Haitises National Park, discovering species of flora and fauna endemic to our island. Half way up the mountain, you’ll make an 18-meter abseiling (rappelling) descend that will take you to the very heart of the Fun Fun Cave, crossing the threshold to another dimension. Feel the cool temperatures as you venture deep inside of the earth, with its immense galleries and tunnels, the beautiful landscapes sculpted in the rock. Swimming in its canyons and listening to the magical whisper of the underground river, will make you experience an adventure like no other. Adrenaline and fun are mandatory!


When you return to the surface, a refreshing drink awaits you along with a stimulating bath in the waters of the Almirante River. Upon returning to the ranch, you’ll enjoy a horseback ride through the estate where you will enjoy beautiful landscapes and observe farm animals in their natural habitat. To end the day, you will taste the rich flavors of the best Dominican cuisine in the area.

A unique tour in its class.

What´s included



Sandwiches made with fresh local bread called “pan de agua”, seasonal tropical fruits, natural juices, coffee and milk.


Specialized Gear

Jumpsuit*, helmet, flashlight, harnesses for abseiling and rubber boots

* Visitors should bring a swimsuit, sunscreen, insect repellent, long stockings, accessory to hold long hair and towel (showers available).



Horseback rides, hike through Los Haitises National Park, rappel descent, tour inside the cave (1.3 kilometers approximately) and drink at the end of the tour (beer or soft drink)


Typical Dominican lunch

Rice, beans, roasted pork chops, stewed goat or chicken, green salad, steamed vegetables, water and coffee.

*Beers and soft drinks are available at an additional cost.


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