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4 reasons Los Haitises National Park must be your next adventure

If you’ve never been to the Dominican Republic, you need to discover this country. Located in the island of Hispaniola, which it shares with Haiti, only seems small on its surface: In the Dominican Republic you can enjoy one of the must marvelous weathers all year-round, as well as an amazing natural landscape, with around 6,000 floral species (a third of which are endemic to the country). All of this can be found in one place: Los Haitises National Park.

This rugged karst landscape will surely give you some Mediterranean vibes: With its amazing rock formations and an emerald-colored bay, as well as different bird species hovering on top of you; you’ll love everything it has to offer. Since 1976, it has become one of the protected areas in the country, not only for its natural treasures, but also for these 4 reasons:

Ridgeway´s hawk, an endangered species that lives in Los Haitises.

 1. An amazing weather: The tropical rainforest can get warm; reaching over 80°F in the warmest months, Los Haitises National Park also has many rainy days a week to cool off. Even though it’s a t-shirt and light pants or shorts kind of weather, don’t forget to pack next to your sunglasses some ligh

t rain gear for your adventure!

2. Multiple endemic species: You can find quite a few species of wild orchids through your walks on the plains of Los Haitises but also, you’ll be surprised by all the different animal species you can only find in Dominican Republic; specially birds such as the ridgeway´s hawk, the brown pelican, the magnificent frigatebird, the hispaniolan parrot, the western barn owl and the stygian owl. Can you imagine stumbling upon one of these marvelous birds on your trip to Los Haitises?

Los Haitises karst formation

3. Its amazing rock formations: The karstic landscape allows for the formation of caves and underground passages. You can find steep limestone hills with more than 40-meters tall rock mounds full of an oxidized red color, due to an iron ore that abounds in the region, and covered with a vast vegetation, achieving the perfect combination for an incredible sight.


4. The Fun Fun Cave: One of the greatest gifts of all the karst is the Fun Fun Cave: Below these limestone hills you can find a cavern system reaching more than 28 kilometers long, with many different surprises such as bats and samples of cave art, highlighting anthropomorphic petroglyphs made by cultures from times before the native Taino. Another curious fact is that the name of the cave doesn’t really come from the fact that it’s twice as fun as other activities you can do here, but because of the sound bats make in the presence of humans.

And if you need another reason to convince you, remember there’s tours in Los Haitises developed with an eco-sustainable model, as well as many different adventures throughout the National Park. With the Fun Fun Cave Tour, you can, not only enjoy the amazing nature, but you also get to explore inside the outdoors. Contact us for more information!



Inside the Outdoors at Fun Fun Cave

Photo credits:

Los Haitises- Ministry of Tourism

Ridgways Hawk- Ron Knight

Fun Fun Cave - Johan Girón

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